• On That Despicable Ray Rice Halloween Costume

      So many things make me cock my head in exasperated wonderment, and if we can possibly find justification to set aside those with genuine psychopathy or sociopathy at work in their brains, we’re left with people like this assclown who dressed up as Ray Rice for a Halloween party. And once that messy individual makes that choice, including the presumed expenditure of money on the genuine replica jersey and black female blow-up doll, what manner of wastrel would cheer him on, either in person or online. And yet, here we have Reddit user AL0311, as well as a number of Twitter users and online commenters who find this hilarious.

    • There’s No Ex-Cub Factor in This Year’s World Series … Or Is There?

      But it’s the sheer goofiness of baseball lore that makes it the idiosyncratic, byzantine and yet uniquely American phenomenon that it is. And there is no greater cornucopia of Baseball Legend than the Chicago National League Ball Club, Inc., better known as the Cubs.

    • Extreme Haunted Houses and the Privilege of Paying for Fear

      Like any holiday, ways in which Halloween may be observed vary greatly. One of the ways in which merchants rake in the holiday cash is by setting up professional haunted houses. These are not the haunted houses some of recall from youth, though.

    • Dispatch From Ferguson: The Evolution Of A Protest Movement

      This weekend, seeing the police sometimes form lines in riot gear–as they did Thursday night in front of the Ferguson Police department–or stand in uniform and raincoats unengaged in front of marchers protesting Prosecuting Attorney Bob McCullough’s office on Thursday afternoon in the rain it’s clear that while the police may still have the power, protestors are organizing and strategizing and making their voices heard. With predicted numbers of about 5,000 out of towners coming in to help get out the message, it has not been an easy task.