• Raven-Symonè and the Rejection of Labels

    Identity is a tricky thing. A complicated thing. A constantly changing thing. The person you were at seventeen won’t be the person you are at twenty-five; the person you are at twenty-five won’t be the person you are at forty-six. The person you are at forty-six … you get the picture. Priorities shift; ideals change. The bits and pieces…

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  • deen
    Steve Harvey and Paula Deen Team Up for Black Boys

    On the Steve Harvey show last week, celebrity chef and grandmotherly racist Paula Deen came on to talk about her partnering with America’s Favorite Creepy Uncle to mentor 100 black boys. While I think it’s great that Steve believes in second chances, I can’t help but worry about 100 black boys being exposed to a woman who makes jokes about her bodyguard being as “black as the board behind her.”

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  • What Makes a Terrorist, a Terrorist?

    Meet Brian Howard. Until last Friday, Brian was a contract employee with a Federal Aviation Administration radar facility outside of Chicago. Allegedly upset over news of a transfer to Hawaii (Hawaii!), Brian decided to end it all. He wrote a suicide note on Facebook, locked himself in the basement of the building, and cut the radar feeds,…

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  • So About The Expansion Of My Brother’s Keeper

    President Obama recently announced the expansion of My Brother’s Keeper. But as other, more graceful writers have pointed out, the idea that respectability politics can cure what ails not only the inner city, but the nation at large, is rooted in folly. Pulling up their pants and speaking “the King’s English” is not going to protect black boys from bullets, and it will not magically transform the ghetto into Utopia.

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  • (Dis)respecting the dead: The John Crawford Walmart Footage

    Whether it’s beheadings of journalists in the Middle East or police brutality stateside, we’ve become a nation of ghouls, conspicuously consuming tragedy after tragedy but gleaning little from it. And each time these vignettes make the rounds on social media, the families of the victims are forced to relive the pain.

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  • Cameron-Tillman
    Yet Another Black Teenager Killed By Police

    Every 28 hours a black man is killed by the police. This time it’s Cameron Tillman, a 14 year-old freshman gunned down by a sheriff’s deputy in Houma, Louisiana. According to the New York Daily News, Tillman was one of five boys seen allegedly running into an abandoned house Tuesday afternoon. A gun was recovered…

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  • Meghan-Trainor
    Jezebel’s Problem With Meghan Trainor’s ‘Lack’ of Feminism

    Yesterday, a Jezebel writer was all in a lather over Meghan Trainor’s refusal to be “all about feminism,” and took to the internets to share her disapproval. Hillary Crosley, in her own words: In a feature over at Billboard, Trainor recalls ditching college to “write songs and travel” before being signed by the Svengali behind…

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  • Want To Take Some Crotch Shots Of Strangers Legally? Go To Texas.

    In a stunning blow that defies logic and common sense, the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals struck down part of a law that would protect women from upskirting, ruling that photos of women (and their body parts) taken in public spaces without their permission can be considered, um, art. “The camera is essentially the photographer’s…

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