Her Body, The Government’s Rules

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So much for her body, her rules: Anna Yocca, a Tennessee woman, was arrested last week and charged with attempted first-degree murder after she was rushed to the hospital following a failed attempt with a coat hanger to abort her 24-week pregnancy. At the hospital she delivered a 1.5 pound baby boy:

Pro-choice advocates see Yocca’s situation as the end result of a rash of highly restrictive laws that have choked reproductive rights throughout Tennessee, largely since voters approved a November 2014 amendment to the state constitution that awarded lawmakers sweeping powers to chip away at access to reproductive health care. … “Tennessee’s homicide law explicitly doesn’t apply to [Yocca],” explained Farah Diaz-Tello, senior staff attorney at the National Advocates for Pregnant Women, “but this arrest tells women that if they try to seek emergency medical assistance, they may end up behind bars. That won’t stop women from having abortions, but it will stop them from getting help.”

Team Blackness also discussed video footage of a Baltimore police officer attacking a protestor for no reason, two high school students who were jailed over wearing baggy pants, and an update on the police officer who killed Amadou Diallo (spoiler alert: he’s just doing fine).

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