Her Celebrity Body, Her Rules

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Maybe you saw the recently leaked iCloud naked pictures of Jennifer Lawrence, Kate Upton, and quite a few more that showed up on the Internet. Maybe you thought the women should just be cool with it because they look good and aren’t celebrities’ bodies basically for public consumption? Well, you’d be wrong. It has been confirmed that the FBI and Apple are investigating what is believed to be the biggest celebrity photo leak in history and is looking at it as a sex crime:

[Jennifer Lawrence is] the cool chick, the fun one, the girl who’s so confident she waves her bingo wings for a laugh on the Oscar carpet. But here’s the thing: While she might own her own fame, we (the public) don’t own her body just because she’s famous. If she chooses to show it to us (as she did under blue body paint in the X-Men movies), then that’s her choice – in the same way it’s a woman’s choice to walk out of the house wearing whatever she pleases. To say that Lawrence ought to “own” the digital sex crime against her just because she’s a hot movie star is like telling a rape victim to own her assault because she put on a cute dress and went to a party.

 It’s enough to make you want to go back to just using stone tablets.

Team Blackness also discussed a NYC human rights lawyer who was arrested while waiting for her kids; more racism, this time in Kentucky; and the passing of Joan Rivers.

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