The Power of Hate

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Another murder of a Sikh-American man in Fresno, California–the second in as many weeks–shows a wave of violence against Sikhs and Muslims which has grown more intense after the Paris and San Bernadino attacks. During the first attack, which took place December 27:

[Amir Singh] Bal’s assailants reportedly broke the his collarbone in the process of the December assault, yelling racial slurs and asking, “Why are you here?” Three months prior, on Sept. 10, a 53-year-old Sikh American cab driver named Inderjit Singh Mukker was viciously beaten and called a “terrorist” and “Bin Laden” by a teenager in Darien, Illinois, a suburb of Chicago. Both incidents have a lengthy and troubling precedent. Since the Sept. 11, 2001, terror attacks, hate crimes against Muslims and people misidentified as Muslims in the U.S. have risen from an average of 20-30 per year to 100-150, as Mic has previously reported.

And Sikhs aren’t even Muslim. So way to do your research before you commit a hate crime.

Team Blackness also discussed Bernie Sanders’ money trail, Al Jazeera America’s swan song, and the link between the Charleston church shooting and Louisiana theater gunman.

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